Is Affirmative Action Still Necessary?

I wondered what your thoughts were now on Affirmative Action. I was a great believer in it in the 70’s and early 80’s. I had grown up with such unfairness towards blacks in hiring and school, that I thought it necessary. Then we passed laws against discrimination, and anyone my age (49) or younger had access to the same education as whites. I no longer think it’s necessary. I think blacks are more than capable of getting into schools and being hired for the jobs they want.

Just for a small example. My son has a friend (who is white) that has always dreamed of going to Rice University. He worked like a dog to do well in school. He finished 4th in his class of 780 this year. He didn’t get into Rice, but his friend, who is a miniority, was 17th in the class, and he got in. Both their SAT scores were high, but the white student did do better. How do you think the white student will always feel about race now?

To me, it’s gotten to the point where it is an insult to blacks (or Hispanics) to say they can’t do this on their own now. I just don’t think skin color should be a determination. It seems to me that the blacks and Hispanics at the mall in the video above, don’t either.

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