Liberals Hate Texas’ Success

From the Texas GOP. I expect more of this as Lib states fail and conservative states thrive (or at least, do better.):

AUSTIN – The Democratic left is opening up several online fronts from which they will attack the Texas record this election year. Posing as non-partisan civic watchdogs, their aim is to produce material that becomes fodder for posts on Democratic-allied blogs and, eventually, stories in the mainstream press in Texas. For instance, Texans for Public Justice, a leftwing group that receives funding from liberal interests and foundations like the Open Society Institute, this week published a baseless online report claiming that the Texas Enterprise Fund is suffering from its own “recession.” This, in spite of the fact that Texas is the nation’s leading job creator. Unlike the Obama Administration’s so called stimulus that created “jobs” in fake districts, the state of Texas holds companies to strict contracts, rewarding successful job creation, through the Texas Enterprise Fund.

“These leftwing noise factories are trying to do what the voters of Texas have repeatedly rejected over the past several years: Empower liberal Democrats by tearing down Texas’ conservative success story,” said Republican Party of Texas Communications Director Bryan Preston. “There are several of these shady groups out there — Matt Angle’s Lone Star Project, this Texans for Public Justice, wherever you turn over a rock you find one of them. They spin tales attacking the state’s successes or its leaders, in the hope of winning power for their Democrat allies by default since the Democrats in Texas have no actual ideas or record to run on. But we’re on to them and their slimy tactics won’t work.”

Texans for Public Justice receives funding from the aforementioned leftwing Tides Foundation. It also receives funding from the Open Society Institute, which is funded by the George Soros Foundation Network. TPJ is therefore a part of the larger far left Soros effort that includes leftwing Media Matters for America and the liberal think tank, Center for American Progress, both based in Washington.

Angle’s Lone Star Project, based in Washington, DC, is funded primarily by the Texas Democratic Trust, a liberal foundation funded by the Baron estate. It funds Angle as well as the Texas Democratic Party. That estate made headlines in 2008 when the Dallas Morning News reported that Dallas lawyer Fred Baron used his fortune in 2007 to help former North Carolina Senator and former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards cover up his extramarital affair with a videographer — an affair that produced a daughter, which Edwards only recently acknowledged fathering. She is two years old. Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth, was suffering from cancer at the time of the affair, and continues fighting the disease to this day. Baron passed away in 2008 but his estate continues funding Democrat operations in Texas.

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