We Need To Support Andy McKenna In Ill Gov Race

Jim Ryan, whose finance director was convicted as part of the Tony Rezko kerfuffle, is targeting Andy McKenna with bogus attacks: because he knows: McKenna’s the guy to beat for a run-off. Redstate seems to appreciate the wisdom in supporting McKenna.

I know folks in the McKenna camp. He’s a rather establishment fella, but not bad and would be much more acceptable than Dillard.

While I appreciate some emotional support for Andrzejewski, perhaps due to: a Lech Walesa endorsement, the problem is, Andrzejewski is bringing up the rear: in a five candidate race. And it’s likely to only open up the door for an O-bot to slip through without a run-off.

Dillard endorsed Barack Obama. He even shot a commercial for Obama. When McCain became the nominee for the GOP, Dillard shut up, but the record is still there.

That would be terrible news for Illinois, the GOP and conservatives as a whole. The smart play is to get behind Andy McKenna. Time is running out with the election slated for Tuesday and early voting having already begun.

You can: view his site and support him here.

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