Liberals Are PISSED That The UK Left The EU – And THIS Is Why…

Liberals Are PISSED That The UK Left The EU – And THIS Is Why…

It’s easy to see why liberals are panicking over the #Brexit vote. It was a vote for freedom. Liberals abhor the idea of self-governance and rejection of globalism. Forget the soundbites from “sour grapes” liberals. Here is why the left is absolutely freaking out:


From Young Conservatives:

Liberals are freaking out about Britain leaving the EU and rightfully so.

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Last night was a referendum against everything they believe in.

The people of Britain rose up and firmly said they don’t want to be ruled by unelected officials in Belgium anymore.

Sovereignty matters.

Liberals hate that idea.

In America, Democrats want everyone to believe that Washington knows best and that government can fix everything.

That’s exactly what they were trying to say in Britain only they were arguing that other countries know what’s best for Britain.  It was arguably much worse.

The people of Britain are just as fed up as we are with the status quo as we are.  The EU recently announced that they  were going to start banning vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and smart phones that use too much energy.  Remind you of America at all?  Obama’s EPA. Sugar bans. Salt bans. Unnecessary restrictions. Big government is out of control everywhere.

The Brexit vote was an absolute rejection of socialism and the direction that Europe is heading.

Of course, liberals hate that.

The left believes that we can only succeed if everyone succeeds and that globalism is the way to prosperity.

That’s not the case and the majority of people in Britain agree with me on that one.

Immigration was a huge issue here as well just like it is in the United States.  The liberals in Britain were actively importing thousands of refugees into the country, from many different places, that were taking jobs away from working class Brits.  In fact, working class citizens were the driving force behind this decision to leave and Northern England delivered this victory to Brexit which is something that no one saw coming.

Britain also has a severe radical Islam problem and a quarter of British Muslims want to be ruled by Sharia and at least 50% believe in radical things like putting gays in jail.

The British people clearly aren’t cool with that and they let the world know it.

This transition will be hard and the markets have already reacted negatively.

Liberals will tell you this is a sign things are falling apart. Don’t listen to them.  The markets will correct as the people of Britain figure out their next move.  It won’t be pretty, but Stockholm Syndrome isn’t an excuse to not do the right thing.  This is a long term play.

But, this system was designed to make it difficult to leave and just because it will be tough in the beginning doesn’t mean this isn’t a good idea long term.

At the end of the day, Britain should rule Britain.  That’s just common sense.

And now, they will have that chance.

Here is more.

From The Daily Signal:

Britain outside the EU will be a stronger ally for the United States, from confronting Russian aggression in Eastern Europe to defeating the Islamist terror threat.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU should be a cause for celebration here in America. Brexit embodies the very principles and ideals the American people hold dear to their hearts: self-determination, limited government, democratic accountability, and economic liberty. A truly free and powerful Great Britain is good for Europe and the United States.

As Margaret Thatcher famously declared after the liberation of the Falkland Islands by British forces in 1982: “Rejoice.” The Iron Lady believed firmly that Britain would be better off outside the European Union.

A great day for liberty, sovereignty, and conservative economic principles.

A bad day for liberalism, globalism, and big government.

The left is pointing to market downturns to explain why it was supposedly a bad idea.

What major shift in government policy doesn’t affect the market initially? Every move, good or bad, creates confusion and anxiety about the future and the market can react in a fairly unpredictable manner.

What really happened on Thursday is that Britons rejected globalism in favor of sovereignty and freedom. That is why the left is panicking; if it can happen there, it can happen here.

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