Maher Digs Himself Deeper

Just how smart is condescending liberal elitist Bill Maher, who sneers that he regards America as “stupid”? Not smart enough to stop digging when he finds himself in a hole.

Appearing on This Week, the dim-witted Maher was schooled by token grownup George Will after claiming that Brazil is “off oil.” Actually, Brazil is the world’s eight largest consumer of oil, ranking ahead of Great Britain and South Korea. But Maher explains that he was essentially correct, because of an ad Bill Clinton put out in 2006 congratulating Brazil for getting off foreign oil. The difference between getting off oil and getting off foreign oil is lost on a lofty intellect like Maher’s.

How did Brazil get off foreign oil? By drilling its own, becoming one of the world’s leading producers. But this is less an option for the US with every passing year, because moonbats like Maher disapprove of drilling.

However, as Maher explains, if it wasn’t for global warming deniers like George Will, we wouldn’t need any oil, because despite the cooling trend since 1998, the SEA ICE IS MELTING!!! Presumably once we get the deniers out of the way, we’ll just use pixie dust or live in trees.

On a tip from Oiao.

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