America’s Toughest Border Warrior: John McCain?

This may be the single funniest campaign commercial I’ve ever seen,

Yes, “Amnesty” John McCain has now become the toughest man in America on border security — which is hilarious. Because, he’s the same guy who once said, “By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the godd@mned fence if they want it.” Don’t you suspect that 2006 John McCain would be calling 2010 John McCain a xenophobic, nativist racist?

PS #1: John Kerry’s on the phone. He’s saying he’s surprised at how big John McCain’s illegal immigration flip-flop has been.

PS #2: We had Charlie Crist defeated in the GOP primary, which is why he dropped out and began what is almost guaranteed to be an ultimately futile campaign as an independent. We also knocked squishy Republican Senator Bob Bennett out at the state Republican convention this week-end. He was a pro-TARP, soft on illegal immigration Republican — just like McCain, come to think of it. But, he’s not even eligible to run for the primary now. How great would it be to put a cherry on top of the message we’re sending to Republicans in D.C. by knocking John McCain out, too?

PS #3: Support JD Hayworth in the Arizona GOP primary: He’s the guy who actually believes all the things John McCain is now saying about illegal immigration.

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