Reid: Stop The Government, Specter Needs Cash Now!

Seriously, whose interests do these people serve anymore? They write complex bills no one can understand. They don’t even read them themselves. Then they have a WH that goes out and scares the American people so they can rush it through overnight and bankrupt the Nation. It’s always there can be no delaywhen Obama, Reid, Democrat Specter and crew are paying off the unions, or the SEIU. But when one of them needs to raise cash … well, forget all that. It’s time to stop everything!!

This is total BS! No wonder Specter says he’s willing to ram through ObaCare no matter what. A friend sent this along in email via the Toomey camp.

You can support him here if you want, so we can take: Specter, or Sestak, who’s worse, out.

The Senate has been ordered, by Reid, to hold no votes after 3pm tomorrow, September, 15 so as not to disrupt the high-dollar fundraiser for Republican-turned-Democrat, Specter.

According to an e-mail sent to supporters from organizer David L. Cohen, the event features a $1,000 cocktail reception, another VIP reception for those who raise at least $10,000, and a dinner for which “an individual must write (not raise) a minimum of $10,000 or raise $50,000” to attend.

The majority party’s move to cut out of work tomorrow delays progress on next year’s transportation spending bill and health care reform. If senate leadership is so willing to make room on its schedule for one senator’s fundraiser you have to ask, Where exactly do the priorities of this Democrat-led senate lie?

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