Correction: On Sheila Leavitt

A while back, I wrote a post on fakes at the health care protests that mentioned Sheila Leavitt. Here’s the excerpt, quoted from Michelle Malkin’s blog, that concerned her:

Now, bloggers have raised questions about a left-wing activist who turned up at Barney Frank’s raucous town hall.

She’s Dr. Sheila Leavitt, identified in press reports as a “physician from Newton (MA).”

But the folks at can’t find anyone licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts under the name “Sheila Leavitt.”

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Kate at Small Dead Animals does the Googling the rest of the MSM won’t do and finds Leavitt’s trail of nutty, anti-Bush, anti-war activism.
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit and Steven at Buck’s Right have more.

At Buck’s Right, a commenter who says he is Leavitt’s 16-year-old son says his mom did go to medical school — but “stopped actively practicing medicine 26 some odd years ago” to raise four children.

Update: It looks like Leavitt was channeling her husband’s persona. He’s a bona fide doctor currently practicing in Boston…

Someone claiming to be Sheila Leavitt (and I have no reason to doubt her) wrote me yesterday complaining about the story. She pointed me to the following link that features some emails from her. Here’s an excerpt:

…Furthermore, I put in many long years of training and, whether or not I am currently practicing, I have every right to refer to myself as a doctor.

…Ho, i might say, hum. Neither this information, nor Rush Limbaugh’s seal of approval on the “fake M.D.” label, make her a liar about her M.D. degree, nor a plant doing the bidding of anyone but her own unrelenting self. She is a citizen, an educated citizen with no claim to an active medical practice, but 4 years of medical school, an M.D. degree, a completed internship, a license (on record in the State of N.Y., although not currently active) to practice medicine, a couple of years in practice, and a year of residency at a fine Boston hospital, which she interrupted to raise a family. This makes her a fake—what?

Despite the fact that nothing in the original piece was inaccurate per se, I do think it’s worth noting that Sheila Leavitt received a M.D. degree and a medical license. I think that’s important because that last line in the excerpt could give people the impression, despite the contradictory info earlier, that Leavitt was a fake as opposed to an ex-doctor. That may seem to be a small point, but I had I known for sure that she was an ex-doctor, I sincerely doubt whether I would have included her in with the other fakes in that post.

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