SLOBS: Million Woman March Trashes Cities Across The Nation

SLOBS: Million Woman March Trashes Cities Across The Nation

Well, they did it. The oppressed women of the United States of America who like to kill babies and get free stuff, had their march.


Their march to take a stand for…

Well, for…

Wait, why the hell were they marching?

No one actually knows…including them. They just wanted an opportunity to be offended by something so they took to the streets in so-called solidarity and complained about something or another.

If you were a woman, this was your day. UNLESS you are pro-choice, pro-Trump or anything that does not co-align with a liberal feminist ideal.

Apparently, that would make you too much of a woman in my opinion and you couldn’t participate if that was the case.

Anyhow, they did it and it’s done… not there is much that was left behind to remember it by. At least until it all gets to the trash where it belongs.

That’s right…these nasty women cry about the planet and taking care of it, yet leave heaps and heaps of their garbage behind for others to clean up. So much for the environment I guess…

What the heck ladies? You literally spend all day whining and yelling and asking for attention and not to be treated poorly and then do your best to leave so much trash it’s going to take many hours and many people to clean up after you?


…purely disgusting. They’re actions are nothing more than a bad joke.

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