South Park Shows LEFTISTS’ Stupidity At It’s Finest – And It Is ON POINT! [VIDEO]

South Park Shows LEFTISTS’ Stupidity At It’s Finest – And It Is ON POINT! [VIDEO]

South Park is a show that revels in its offensiveness. It takes no prisoners, skewering anyone and everyone without any fear. While conservatives typically can laugh it off and let it go, liberals are known for being perpetually butthurt, so of course, they hate the latest South Park offering. But we’re not going to lie — it’s hilarious.


This season, South Park has had the boys and the girls fighting. The boys have felt like they were being shamed for being boys; the girls decided to protest the National Anthem. So the boys responded with a, um, inventive National Anthem protest of their own:

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Body-shaming? The right to do whatever you want as long as you’re doing so in “protest” of something? Well, that’s some liberal genius, right there. But South Park wasn’t done yet. They took the arguments that feminazis use all the time, and used them… for the boys.

Remember all the slut walks liberal feminists launched a while back? They would dress in the most provocative, slutty clothing possible — if they weren’t actually topless or naked — while screeching about how they were going to reclaim sluthood. But the idea of men marching with their wangs out while shouting about having pride in their wieners would rightly cause people to think that these men had lost their minds. That’s what liberals do, though. Somehow, they’ve deluded themselves into thinking that marching around topless while screaming “slut” will create change. And don’t even get me started on “feminist” comediennes like Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer.

Yep, social justice warriors are not happy about this episode.

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