Students In NJ Finally Take Personal Action On Climate Change!

Just kidding. They’re still out there marching and “spreading awareness” and doing nothing themselves: Students march in bid for action on climate change

A small but enthusiastic clutch of Bergen Community College students carried homemade signs and chanted anti-pollution slogans as they marched from their Paramus campus to Ridgewood High School on Tuesday to raise awareness about climate change.

The college students then met up with about 20 high school students who said they want to get the next generation more involved in the issue.

The protest march was part of a much larger weeklong series of youth-led marches in towns and cities around the globe called the iMatter March. The marches coincide with a series of legal actions being filed by lawyers representing young adults in states across the country in a bid to get governments to take action against climate change.

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Just to reiterate once again, it seems that climate moonbats always want Someone Else to Do Something. They never want to Do Something themselves, because that would be expensive and mess up their high greenhouse gas lives. All the partying, electricity used while partying, the beer, all the CO2 in beer bottles and kegs, road trips, hot tubs using lots of power and water, etc, they can’t afford to give that up. Someone Else has to change their lives, at the barrel of a government decree.

Here we are 15-20 years on, and the Warmists still haven’t gotten beyond “spreading awareness”. The iMatter march was meant to be a multi-day affair (I never did get around to posting a saved draft about how they were attempting to ruin another holiday, Mother’s Day), with the young alarmists getting out and about and doing….nothing to reduce their own “carbon footprints.”

The climate change (hoax) debate is much like the increase taxes debate: liberals are all for raising taxes, they just want them on “that group over there.” They want the government to have more money, yet, they refuse to give more to the IRS.

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