So, Obama Gave A Speech On Immigration: Just A Distraction?

Exactly what was the point of NotMyPresident Obama heading down to the border and giving a speech about “immigration reform”? Other than an excuse to be able to use Air Force 1 on “official business”, meaning he didn’t have to pay for the entire flight from campaign funds, as he was scheduled to attend several fundraisers initially. David Harsanyi has it pinned down to “distraction”

Immigration reform, huh? Well, President Obama did recently consult with Eva Longoria on this formidable policy conundrum. As goes Longoria, so goes the nation.

Then again, it certainly seems like a peculiar time to spring this divisive topic on the American people. Especially when we know full well that reform has a stimulus’s chance of success.

And weren’t we just talking about the $14 trillion debt? The budget you didn’t pass? Thuggery against Boeing? Debt ceilings? Medicare? According to a new NBC News poll, 58 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy — an all-time high. So perhaps the discussion wasn’t helpful to the most vital imperative: electing Obama.

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Remember that Obama promised to fight for reform legislation in his first year in office. Instead, Democrats used historic supremacy to cram through a number of legislative items that divided the nation — but no immigration policy. Latinos are imperative to presidents when running for office, less so when in it. Now, in the middle of the most consequential fiscal debate the nation has faced in memory, the administration shifts to immigration reform? We can guess why.

And the answer would be that he needs to fire up the Latino’s. I’m not quite sure how that works: illegals can’t vote, migrant and temporary workers can’t vote or legally donate, and those who came here legally tend to get a bit ticked off because they did it correctly. But, this is simply a distraction from the issues that matter to Americans, to steal a Democrat talking point. And to distract from the albatross around his neck

Last week was great for President Obama — from nabbing Osama bin Laden on Sunday to good news on jobs on Friday. Republicans I speak to around Wall Street are even predicting that he’s now a shoo-in for re-election in 2012 — recovering just as Bill Clinton did from his own early screwups.

Not so fast. First, the “bin Laden bounce” is fading fast, down to 3 points in one poll. More important: If Obama is to follow in Bill Clinton’s footsteps, he’ll need a lot more weeks like the past one. And he’s not likely to get them — because his policies have always been more anti- growth than Clinton’s.

Reminders of the folly of Obamanomics are everywhere, from continued high unemployment to $4-a-gallon gas.

Sure, the economy is finally recovering from the after-effects of the 2008 banking collapse that Obama inherited. The Labor De partment reported that the private sector created 268,000 jobs in April, the third straight month of sizable gains; meanwhile, the stock market is moving toward 13,000 — levels not seen since before the bottom fell out of the financial sector. But the economy is far from surging.

The question is, how long will Obama beat the “comprehensive immigration reform” drum? And how smart is it to discuss how strong he has been on border security to people who generally want an open borders policy, and tend to get upset when Los Federales keep busting their comrades? Even the NY Times editorial board notices that the Obama administration has ramped up the expulsion of illegals.

Remember, jobs is jobs #1. Except for when he wants to transfer wealth (Stimulus) to voting blocks like teachers unions. Wants to pass health care mandates (remember when the debate was simply going to be about how to make sure the 30-45 million without insurance were covered?). Green energy. Immigration. You name it, Obama works hard, OK, parties and golfs hard, at everything but the economy and jobs.

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