Christians Shouldn’t Approve Of Churches Being Made Into Mosques

If you’re Christian, then you shouldn’t do anything to help false religions prosper. That’s why this is so bizarre,

A Muslim group plans to turn a church into a mosque after Swedish pentecostalists decided to sell a superfluous property in Flen in eastern Sweden in a display of “Christian love”.

…However, selling the church to a Muslim organisation was not a decision that the congregation took lightly, according to Christina Blomqvist.

“There were very many discussions back and forward and some anguish among a few of our members who felt that it was wrong due to the persecution of Christians in some Muslim countries,” chairperson Christina Blomqvist told The Local.

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But in the end the organisation couldn’t see any hindrance for the sale to go through.

After serious soul-searching the congregation had decided there was no reason to punish the Muslims in Sweden for the persecution of Christians in other countries.

The Muslims that are in Sweden, have good reasons to be here, they argued, and in the end came to the decision came down to a question of a display of goodwill.

“We decided we wanted to show our Christian love towards them,“ Blomqvist said.

Different people have different religious beliefs and you shouldn’t hate them because of it…well, maybe Satanists. If hate’s too strong a word, they at least merit complete and utter disdain. That being said, you also shouldn’t do anything to spread false religions.

Muhammad was just a man and Allah doesn’t exist. Worshipping Allah is no different than worshipping the Golden Calf. Can you imagine Moses giving the thumbs up to sell a Christian church to people who were worshipping the Golden Calf? If you want to show Christian love towards Muslims, you can try to convert them, you can be nice to them, and you can even show them some Christian charity if they’re in need, but you don’t do anything that will help them lead more people away from Jesus Christ. Christians willingly selling a church to Muslims so it can be converted into a mosque is a decision that borders on blasphemous and it’s extremely disturbing that these Swedish Christians are so ignorant of their own faith that they don’t seem to realize it.

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