The Left’s New Tone: The N-Word and F-All Y’all.

Remember what happened after Gabrielle Giffords was shot? Liberals apparently don’t because all of their talk about how important the tone of political debate seems to have gone right out the window.

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit, here are three stories about the “tone” we hear from the Left.

Lovely People… Obama Supporters Chant Against StL Tea Party: “F**ck All Y’All… F**k All Y’All” (Video)


Obama Supporter to Black GOP Candidate: “I’m Calling You a N*gger, an Uncle Tom N*gger” (Video)

Yet more liberal racism!

Obama Supporters Scream at StL Tea Party Protesters “Go F**king Home” and “Record Me Mother F**ker” (Video)

Is that the new tone we’ve heard so much about?

If Tea Partiers behaved exactly the same way, it would be front page news in every paper in America. But, if liberals call a black man a n*gger and chant “F**k All Y’All,” it’s a non-story. Well, I suppose bloggers like me should be grateful for the bias. After all, if the mainstream media actually did its job, there’d be no need for blogs like this one to exist.

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