7 HILARIOUS MEME’s That DESTROY Liberal-Political-Correctness And LIES!

7 HILARIOUS MEME’s That DESTROY Liberal-Political-Correctness And LIES!

Don’t you just love a great MEME. Especially the kind that just hits the right points that you struggle to express? Well, you are in for a treat, because the following set of RIDICULOUS claims by the Left will satisfy the soul.


Down is up and up is down…


Nothing in this liberal driven country makes any sense, anymore. You can not only get in trouble for doing a “class 2” look-a-like gun, you can also be shamed and ridiculed as a bigot if you proclaim that a man with a…uh, junk, is still a man.

But what about the BEARS!


Lies. As plain and as undeniable as facts are. Al Gore has got to be the biggest scam artist in modern U.S. history.



The cute baby has a point…Mr. President, you cry for the horrible slaughter that took place in New Town, Connecticut…How bout the human babies that literally get cut to pieces? Nothing.

Traitors to their own kind…


Americans are in an abusive relationship…and with the candidates we have now, it ain’t changing anytime soon.

“Diets are a scam…”


Oh Michael, you poor, fat bastard…I won’t even fault you for your lies and the lucrative scam you’ve got going. They are easily squashed. I fault your dumb, soft-headed, sheep-like fans that can’t discern plainly that you are a scam artist that enjoys the freedoms of capitalism… and all the delicious foods it has to offer…because communism and socialism, in the end, doesn’t make you fat. They can’t afford it!

…You’re fat. I’m fat shaming you…in case you didn’t get it.

Where’s the TRUTH?!


I never thought that anything would be as true as what I’m going to share with you right now…

ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, that a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive (including Republicans), Socialist, or Communist tells you as their ‘truth’, you can be assured that the direct opposite is true, or at least they are dead wrong.

The debate is done. It’s over. When you get through a year like 2014 and 2015, you know you have crossed the Rubicon on “well, there may be a bit of truth there…”


Make America…Mexico?!


Since we are still in this nightmare of an election cycle, I thought we would end it with something recent and maddening.

…It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? Neither does anything in the media or America for that matter. So, what are we missing? What have we forgotten? What have we been slowly giving up? Might I give you my answer?

The Constitution of the United States of America. Our Foundation. Our Truth. How can we expect to keep ourselves grounded to any truth if we are allowing our foundation to be chipped out from under us?

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