VIDEO: AZ Sheriff Issues THIS Terrorist WARNING To Americans – IT’S HAPPENING NOW

VIDEO: AZ Sheriff Issues THIS Terrorist WARNING To Americans – IT’S HAPPENING NOW

It is simply amazing how far the left will go in furtherance of their anti-American agenda. It’s shocking that something so simple like enforcing America’s laws has become a partisan issue. One tough-talking Arizona sheriff, however, has broken-down the rhetoric to a simple concept: he just wants Barack Obama to do his damn job and secure the border.


From Western Journalism:

One week after the Orlando terrorist attack, Sheriff Paul Babeu warned that a bigger threat exists at the country’s vulnerable Souther Border.

BABEU: I just want Barack Obama to do his job – to secure the border, to protect America… This is about terrorism. This unsecured border is the likely avenue of approach for terrorists to sneak into America and it’s got to be secured.

The sheriff said these are troubling times because the Obama Administration is welcoming illegals with open arms.

BABEU: They’re getting telegraphed this message by President Obama and the administration, “Make it to the border, you’re home free.” And [the illegals] are very concerned, very fearful this is all going to change with a new administration and pray God it does because we’ve seen in eight months, this is 45,000 [illegals.] And this is troubling because just in these eight months, we’ve seen more than all of last year.

It would be insane to live in South Central L.A. and not lock your door at night. Why, then, is it so different on a national level?

We are fighting a war on terrorism as we allow them access to the interior of the U.S. via our Southern border. This insanity has got to stop!

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