BREAKING: Terrifying Secret GRIPS Homeland Security In SHOCK – Trust No One…

BREAKING: Terrifying Secret GRIPS Homeland Security In SHOCK – Trust No One…

The Obama Administration cannot be trusted to keep us safe. Not only is this administration pathetically mismanaging military operations abroad, but they cannot even keep their own departments cleansed of terrorists. After one huge embarrassment, the Department of Homeland Security is dealing with yet another failure to answer for.


From Young Conservatives:

Homeland Security seems to be having a hard time lately.

The Orlando shooter was a contracted worker for the department and they apparently checked him out and came up with no reason not to hire him.

Now we are learning that an employee of the department just got caught plotting an attack against Washington D.C.

Oh, and he had a top-secret security clearance.

From Townhall:

A man who works for Homeland Security was arrested earlier this month after allegedly planning an attack on headquarters in Washington D.C. From ABC News:

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether a Department of Homeland Security employee with top-secret clearance was planning an attack at the agency’s Washington headquarters when he entered the building with a gun, a knife, an infrared camera, pepper spray and handcuffs.

Jonathan Wienke, and analyst in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, allegedly carried the weapons into the building on the morning of June 9. Court documents filed by the federal government state that investigators have probable cause to believe Wienke “was conspiring with another to commit workplace violence, and more particularly may have been conspiring or planning to commit violence against senior DHS officials in the building.”

In his affidavit for a search warrant, Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Eric Mann listed the potential crimes as attempt and conspiracy to assassinate, kidnap or assault a member of the executive branch of the government, false impersonation of a federal officer and possession of a firearm in a federal facility.

Well that’s nice!

It’s good to see that the DHS really has their act together when it comes to vetting their employees.

These are the same morons that insist that those who oppose importing tens-of-thousands of Muslims from Syria and Iraq are bigots. They insist that they can keep us safe because these refugees will be properly vetted.

How can we believe that these refugees will be properly vetted when they are incapable of vetting their own employees and contracted employees?

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