Whoopi Sends Message to “COWARDS” After Finding SHOCKING Image of Herself and Trump…

Whoopi Sends Message to “COWARDS” After Finding SHOCKING Image of Herself and Trump…

Whoopi Goldberg is a comedienne and the head liberal on ABC’s “The View,” and she is not a fan of Donald Trump’s. Nevertheless, she was not pleased when a photoshopped image of her began making the rounds online. And she called out the people responsible Tuesday on “The View.”

The photo was of Whoopi Goldberg at the Women’s March in January. Someone photoshopped her shirt to make it appear that the shirt she was wearing had a photo of Donald Trump shooting himself in the head. And during the “Hot Topics” segment on “The View,” she had a lot to say about the photoshop.

“Speaking of smoke and mirrors and lies, I need to clear up a lie that was posted online this morning,” she said. “A photo of me at the Women’s March has been photoshopped to show me wearing an offensive shirt against you-know-who. Even though I don’t care for this man, I would never wear the shirt that’s there.”

But Whoopi was only getting started.

“I’m just gonna say this,” Goldberg said. “You know what, if you feel like that, if you feel like the sentiments on that [tiled for TV] shirt, grow a pair, and you wear it. But don’t put it on me because you think it’s easier, because, quite honestly, I’ll tell you how I feel.”

“Every day, half of the country despises me, half of the country loves me,” she continued. “But you know what? I stand up. You see my face. Don’t put stuff on me that I haven’t done. Don’t do it.”

The actual shirt she wore was radically different from the photoshopped version and read, “And you thought I was a nasty woman before? Buckle up, buttercup.”

Whoopi Goldberg is a very vocal critic of Donald Trump’s. But kudos to her for recognizing that something glorifying violence against him is despicable and for saying that she would never do something like that.

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