N. Korea Just Turned U.S. THREATS Into a Movie Musical – Now It’s ON! [VIDEO]

N. Korea Just Turned U.S. THREATS Into a Movie Musical – Now It’s ON! [VIDEO]

North Korea continues to make themselves into a major player on the world stage, launching more missile tests and posturing as if they should be taken seriously by major world superpowers. For the most part, though, they’re a joke and it’s of their own doing. A perfect example is the ridiculous movie-musical they just launched as propaganda.

Last weekend, North Korea celebrated their “Day of the Sun,” a public holiday commemorating the birth of Kim Il-Sung, founder of North Korea and Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather. Part of the celebration was a musical that featured the destruction of an American city.

The footage was aired on North Korean state television and the climax showed mock footage of a missile strike — from a missile test in February — joined by other missiles launching across the Pacific Ocean and reaching the United States. The celebration also featured a large military parade.

North Korea has been claiming that they successfully tested a new medium- to long-range ballistic missile, the Pukguksong-2, which is propelled by a solid-fuel engine. New intercontinental ballistic missiles were included in the military parade and a day afterwards, they tried another missile test. But that missile failed miserably.

On top of that embarrassment, people around the world saw footage of the missiles featured in the military parade and noticed that they didn’t seem quite right. Many of them appeared to be fake, broken, or poorly made, with noses pointing skyward and material looking to be either cardboard or papier-mâché. One journalist who witnessed the parade said that some of the missiles were “wobbling quite noticeably.”

So, while Kim Jong-Un is forcing his people to watch propaganda glorifying the destruction of the United States, in reality, they’re showing off cardboard missiles and can’t manage to launch an actual missile properly. But the people will be kept in line with dishonest state broadcasting, so for the murderous little dictator, that’s all that matters.

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