BREAKING: LA Times Reporter Let Go After Tweeting He Wants Trump Dead

BREAKING: LA Times Reporter Let Go After Tweeting He Wants Trump Dead

It’s not exactly a surprise that the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton. They’ll do whatever they have to do in order to get her elected. But there’s still a line that can’t be crossed and wishing death on another candidate is that line. So when LA Times reporter Steven Borowiec sent out a tweet wishing Trump would die, he quickly found out what a bad idea that was.


Steven Borowiec is a freelance journalist who saw a tweet sent out by Time magazine that said, “See Donald Trump’s life in photos.” Borowiec responded with his own tweet, where he wished that Trump would die. He deleted the tweet, but not before other people saw it and wasted no time in calling attention to it.

Borowiec lives in South Korea and covers both North Korea and South Korea for the Los Angeles Times. He claimed that the tweet was just a joke, but it didn’t matter. The Los Angeles Times quickly released a statement denouncing the tweet and firing Borowiec:

Earlier today, Steven Borowiec, a freelance journalist in South Korea, posted a tweet about Donald Trump on his personal Twitter profile that violated our professional standards. The Los Angeles Times is committed to fair, evenhanded coverage of the presidential campaign, and expects all journalists representing the paper, including non-staff contributors such as Mr. Borowiec, to adhere to this standard in their articles and social media posts. We regard Mr. Borowiec’s comment as inexcusable, and we have ended our relationship with him.

He eventually tweeted out his own personal apology, but his Twitter account has been taken down.

Maybe next time, he’ll think twice before trying to make “funny” jokes on the Internet.

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