FBI UNCOVERS NEW Hillary State Dept. Emails On Weiner’s Computer!

FBI UNCOVERS NEW Hillary State Dept. Emails On Weiner’s Computer!

The fallout from the FBI’s new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails continues to grow and it’s only going to get worse. It didn’t help that devices from notable pervert, Anthony Weiner, had her e-mails on them as well. Now we know that there are also e-mails from Hillary’s time as secretary of state there, too.


The e-mails aren’t duplicates of e-mails on Hillary’s private server. And the FBI hasn’t said yet if they’re relevant to their investigation. But it certainly should be relevant, because State Department e-mails shouldn’t be on someone’s private laptop.

Meanwhile, Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife and Hillary’s confidante, is pretending that she doesn’t know anything about the e-mails on her husband’s laptop.

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Hillary likely thought she had the election locked up and she very well still may win. She’s been preparing for this her entire life — after all, why do you think she stayed with Bill Clinton after Monicagate? She has worked for this for years and it was so close.

Too bad her own arrogance and complacency got in the way. Her corruption and crimes are finally bringing her down… and it’s about time.

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