Breaking: Traitor Paul Ryan To Step Down As Speaker

Breaking: Traitor Paul Ryan To Step Down As Speaker

Paul Ryan has come under a lot of heat this election season. He hesitated to endorse Donald Trump and has never fully been behind him. He also has been criticized for not being a strong enough leader in the House. Now, there is speculation that he may step down as speaker.

Paul Ryan

The Hill is claiming that Ryan thinks he may not be able to get the 218 votes necessary to remain Speaker of the House. Four top Republicans spoke with the news outlet to say that he is expected to resign. Ryan’s aides, however, deny this. “He is running. The Speaker’s only focus until Election Day is defeating Democrats and protecting our majority and nothing else,” said spokeswoman AshLee Strong.

There is speculation that Ryan’s contentious relationship with the Trump campaign could be what is holding him back, though vice presidential nominee Mike Pence still speaks highly of him. “My respect for Paul Ryan is boundless,” Pence told The Hill. “I’m not a member of the House Republican conference anymore. I wouldn’t presume upon what the members of the conference choose.”

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One of Pence’s campaign aides spoke differently, however. “We need strong Republican leadership in congress to enact Donald Trump’s plan to make American great again,” they told CNN. Trump himself has been a frequent critic of Ryan’s, angry that Ryan has been a vocal critic of Trump’s.

Ryan had distanced himself from Trump after audio of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women surfaced and this is what made Trump so angry. Ryan came around though and admitted that he voted for Trump, despite his reservations.

Rep. Jim Gordon, leader of the House Freedom Caucus, says that right now Republicans aren’t even thinking about Ryan, though, saying, “Paul Ryan’s a good man, he’s a friend, but we are focused on getting Donald Trump elected and being the next president of the United States.”

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