Brian Williams Told His Worst Lies by Keeping His Mouth Shut

What do we care if Brian Williams, the anchor of the #1 mainstream media evening newscast, has turned out to be a compulsive liar? So he has a little personality quirk that causes him to embellish stories so as to make himself look more impressive. You don’t get to the top in a competitive business without a gift for self-promotion. It doesn’t mean the stories he reads off the teleprompter aren’t true, right? Wrong:

The New Yorker’s Gabriel Sherman took a deep-dive into the ongoing shipwreck that is NBC News. The most fascinating tidbit had nothing to do with the House of Cards-style machinations embroiling the Peacock Network. Buried under more than a dozen paragraphs is the bombshell that as anchor and managing editor of the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams (who is currently serving a six-month suspension) refused to broadcast two big NBC News scoops damaging to President Obama.

According to Sherman’s sources, in 2013, Williams refused to broadcast the news about a Justice Department memo justifying drone strikes against American citizens. Later that same year, Williams wouldn’t air a report that said the Obama Administration had known since 2010 that ObamaCare would cost millions of Americans the very same insurance policies President Obama repeatedly promised they could keep. …

“He didn’t want to put stories on the air that would be divisive,” a senior NBC journalist told Sherman.

“Divisive” means politically damaging to Democrats in general and the Moonbat Messiah in particular.

In the 5900-word report, there are no examples of Williams killing a “divisive” story damaging to a Republican.

You need more than an obsessive tendency to promote yourself to get to be a top information gatekeeper. You need to be very loyal to the Left. This entails being a liar.

Again we see that the liberal media lies primarily not by what it says, but by what it refuses to say.

Williams literally bowing to his master Obama.

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