HuffPo Emerges From Braindead Fog to Praise Trump, Panics and DELETES Article!

HuffPo Emerges From Braindead Fog to Praise Trump, Panics and DELETES Article!

It’s no secret that the media is frightfully biased against Republicans in general and especially against Donald Trump. A positive article in a mainstream media outlet is a rare, shocking thing. So, when the Huffington Post ran a piece praising Trump, it was certainly surprising. What they did next? Not so much.


A Norwegian writer published an article arguing that Trump was “absolutely right about Sweden” when he criticized their immigration policies. Rene Zografos said that it was wrong “for journalists to say or write that immigration in Europe is successful.” Despite the mockery of Trump in the liberal media, “he is actually spot on” according to Zografos.

“It’s well known for Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence,” he said. “[S]everal European cities have huge immigration problems where even the police force is afraid to interfere in some locations in these cities.”

“The fact is that the press here in Europe hasn’t [been] doing their job properly,” he continued. He argued that journalists are not willing to “report the basic truth – which is that Europe has enormous problems that comes from liberal immigration politics.”

It didn’t take long for Zografos’ article to be yanked from the site. Why? Because the liberal editors at the Huffington Post tried to claim it violated their “terms of use.” “This was a self-published post on our contributor platform,” a spokesperson said. “Our editors removed it after determining that it violated our terms of use.”

How exactly did it violate their terms of use? By forwarding a viewpoint that wasn’t liberal? That wasn’t condemning everything Donald Trump says or does? It’s seriously pathetic that an article can be pulled for no other reason other than because it said something positive about Trump.

So much for freedom of speech.

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