Melania’s YUGE Event This Sunday GUARANTEED to COMPETE With Left-Wing OSCARS! [VIDEO]

Melania’s YUGE Event This Sunday GUARANTEED to COMPETE With Left-Wing OSCARS! [VIDEO]

The Oscars are the crown jewel of awards season, which this year has been filled with liberal preachiness. Celebrities attending these awards shows have been taking every opportunity to blast Donald Trump and so it was only natural that Trump wouldn’t be watching the Oscars on Sunday night. But it turns out that Melania Trump has been preparing a little event of her own.


According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the Trumps will be hosting the Governors Ball on Sunday night, the same night the Oscars will be airing. It’s part of the National Governors Association’s winter meeting.

Spicer was specifically asked about Donald and Melania Trump’s reaction to the constant attacks on them by Hollywood celebrities. The trend was kicked off by Meryl Streep, who gave a rambling monologue at the Golden Globes blasting Trump and reporters specifically asked Spicer what their thoughts were.

“Mrs. Trump looks forward to putting on a phenomenal event,” Spicer answered. “And the first lady’s put a lot of time into this event that’s going to occur, welcoming our nation’s governors to the capital and I have a feeling that that’s where the president and the first lady are going to be focused on, on Sunday night.”

It may be surprising to the liberal mainstream media, but the world doesn’t revolve around celebrities and awards shows that serve no purpose beyond inflating their already too-big egos. And believe it or not, the proselytizing from liberal celebrities at awards shows has not made Americans happy, most of whom feel that this kind of preachiness doesn’t belong at an awards show.

As for the Oscars, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that there is a ratings drop this weekend from past broadcasts. It turns out that a large chunk of people can’t even remember which movies are nominated for Best Picture — maybe celebrities should remember that their job is to entertain and alienating large portions of the viewing public is not a good way to make them care about their ego-fest.

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