North Carolina Muslim Women Start Hashtag Against Radical Islam

Just kidding. They’re upset with Donald Trump (supposedly)

Area Muslims turn to social media to combat Trump’s rhetoric

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” has been roundly criticized as bigoted, unconstitutional and potentially dangerous for American interests abroad, but some local Muslims say such pronouncements only stoke anger and fear.

So, two Muslim women have turned to social media with the hope of tempering the heated discourse with words of understanding.

“It’s not just one man saying things and nobody agrees with him. He’s got like a very large following,” said Hoda Abrahim, a Cary native and student at North Carolina Central University.

“Donald Trump is an entertainer, and I think, at this point, he’s kind of made America into his own reality show, starring uneducated Americans,” said Zainab Baloch, a Raleigh native and a North Carolina State University graduate.

Nothing works better to bring people to your way of thinking than insulting them.

The pair recently posted a video on Facebook to combat Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric. The three-minute video features a series of young adults holding up slates with the hashtag #IWanttoLiveinaWorld and statements such as “… where I’m judged by what’s in my head, not what’s on it” and “… where we silence ignorance by amplifying understanding.”

“What we want to do is just put ourselves out there so that people can get a chance to know us instead of going by the assumptions that they’re hearing on the news about what Muslims are like,” Abrahim said.

The video itself is a smattering of different things, including #BlackLivesMatter. Interestingly, this was posted the day after the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Which would also make the day of the posting to be the 3rd of December. Trump didn’t make his comments till the…..7th. Where the women psychic?

Nice of the reporter, Bryan Mims, to put in the hard and diligent work to notice. Or, was he just trying to create a Narrative? I’ve sent him an email asking why he created this narrative which is factually incorrect.

The women said they are tired of trying to apologize for the actions of ISIS and acts of terror carried out by Islamic radicals.

“That’s almost like we’re accepting responsibility and saying, ‘On behalf of Muslims, we’re sorry.’ As Muslims, we don’t claim those acts at all,” Abrahim said.

They don’t have to apologize for the hardcore Islamists who are simply acting on what Mohammad, the founder of Islam told Muslims to do and did himself. Do you know what would be nice? Denouncing ISIS and the other hardcores. Why won’t they do that? It’s very interesting that so few Muslims will, in fact, denounce groups like ISIS and others, like the Muslim Brotherhood, who attempt to push US and other 1st world societies towards being hardcore Muslim societies.

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