Bill O’Reilly Sides With OBAMA – Tells Trump Not to ‘Offend’ Muslims [VIDEO]

Bill O’Reilly Sides With OBAMA – Tells Trump Not to ‘Offend’ Muslims [VIDEO]

Does anyone really listen to Bill O’Reilly anymore? I don’t. O’Reilly brings up Hitler and McCarthy. That’s just disgraceful. First off Hitler loved Islam, so that is just stupid. Second, there is legal and constitutional precedent for what Trump is proposing. He isn’t just proposing stopping Muslim refugees. He’s saying that we should have a moratorium on refugees until they can be adequately vetted. I call that sane and survival. It would be great if we had Muslim allies in the War on Terror, but we don’t need them. If they are trying to brand Trump as a fascist and bigot, it is failing. Many Muslims actually back Trump on this and say it is the right thing to do. O’Reilly just can’t stand that and won’t acknowledge it. But he’s really good at telling Trump not to offend Muslims.

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From The RightScoop:

Bill O’Reilly really ruffled Donald Trump’s feathers when he appeared on his show tonight and berated him for his stance on banning Muslim immigrants. He argued that we need Muslim allies in order to fight and win the War on Terror and Trump offending them is going to hinder those efforts.

Watch below:

El Trumpo claims that his Muslim friends are calling him on an hourly basis to thank him for his comments, and says that we need to “get down to the bottom of what’s going on.”

Trump has been criticized for having a very vague reasoning for terminating the ban, as he keeps exclaiming that we need to “figure out what the hell’s going on!”

O’Reilly laughs at Trump. This is serious and not funny. He brings up the delegate thing again – these are establishment talking points and attack vectors. Trump will most likely get the delegates. If he runs on a third party ticket, that doesn’t guarantee Hillary anything. It guarantees the death of the Republican Party and it would serve them right. We need our borders shut down and someone has to address this unmitigated influx of Muslim refugees who have terrorists in their midst. The only adults at the table without a political agenda are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Soldiers for RINOs such as O’Reilly will try every way they can to make Trump look bad. But guess what? After speaking out against Muslim immigration, Trump’s numbers are up once again. The people are not listening to the Marxists, elitists and biased media. They are screaming for national security and they want Trump to give it to them.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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