She Finally Squeezed This Ear Pimple After Ignoring for 6 YEARS. What Came Out? OMG

She Finally Squeezed This Ear Pimple After Ignoring for 6 YEARS. What Came Out? OMG

This will put you off your feed definitely. Gross. Why did she let it go so long? It definitely should be excised in sterile conditions or it will return. I know people can’t turn away from this stuff, but I’m doing this as a health warning. If you have a boil or pimple that won’t go away, get it treated and emptied so it can heal and won’t spread. It is a form of infection and can affect your overall health. Some can be deadly. Better to visit a doc and get it handled once and for all than have an appointment with a hospital later on. Just sayin’.


From American Overlook:

After ignoring a pimple for six years, a teenage girl finally decided it was time to pop the zit. The video that captured the disgusting moment has quickly went viral…

See the gross clip below. But be warned. It is not for the squeamish!

When the clip begins, the teen’s mother describes that the teen has had the growth on her ear since she was a little girl. But on this day in particular, she finally decided it was time to pop it.

As she squeezes the overgrown zit, a string of dried pus starts to ooze out of the opening. And it’s clear that this thing was just a pimple.

For six minutes, the girl squeezes the yellowish white pus out of her ear. When she finally things she’s done, at the end of the video a surprise comes that lets us know that she’s only just gotten started.

The overwhelming majority of reactions to this video have been disgust…

“Now that is disgusting, yet I can’t turn away,” one viewer wrote.

However, some medical professionals have weighed in. They urge the girl to go see a doctor to make sure the pimple does not return.

“Nurse chiming in here. I echo the previous comment: bring her to a derm to have it excised out,” one YouTube commenter wrote. “If you leave the sac, it will return.”

Other users say that the girl doesn’t have a pimple. Instead they say it is an earpit.

“Its not a zit, it’s an earpit and they are there from birth as far as I know,” wrote another YouTube user. “I’ve had mine since birth and it fills up sometimes but I just squeeze the stuff out and I’m fine. I also think her’s was infected because it shouldn’t look like that.”

I’ve never heard of an earpit, but that is probably right. I know what this kind of infection looks like. You can get it from an ingrown hair or from a number of things. The dried puss that comes out smells foul. When the discharge comes out it just keeps on coming… that is because it is in its own little reservoir inside you collecting. Infection is nothing to fool around with and needs to be addressed when it occurs. Your life and health is at risk. For a teenager, that is just as important, especially since the infection is in her head. Listen to the nurse’s advice and see a professional stat.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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