Limbaugh ended Carly Fiorina’s quest for the presidency yesterday in one sound bite.

Limbaugh ended Carly Fiorina’s quest for the presidency yesterday in one sound bite.

carlyYesterday on his radio show Rush Limbaugh unloaded on Carly Fiorina who joined in on the Donald Trump pile on after he suggested a pause to Muslim immigration.


She said, “If Donald Trump’s the nominee of this party, she will wipe the floor with him.  We will also lose the Senate, and we may well lose the House. She would be very happy, very happy to face Donald Trump.”


At this point Rush took a pause for two beats. And I knew what was going to follow would not be good for Carly.

Rush continued:

Carly, you know we’ve spoken very positively of you on this program many, many times.  You haven’t been able to wipe the floor with Trump.  Why will Hillary be able to?  Is Hillary that much better than you?  You say Hillary’s gonna wipe the floor with Trump?  Why haven’t you?  If it’s gonna be so easy for Hillary to wipe the floor, why can’t you?  If it’s that easy.  Why can’t any of the others on the Republican side?  If it’s that easy to wipe the floor with Donald Trump, how come nobody’s doing it? No, no, no, I’m not trying to be mean.  I’m just asking legitimate political questions.  If you’re gonna run out and say that Hillary Clinton is gonna mop the floor with Donald Trump, okay, well, then tell us how you’re gonna beat Hillary.


Carly has been fading in the polls since her surge for weeks. But, Rush ended her misery yesterday.


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