Paul Ryan Shuts Down CBS Reporter Attacking Trump’s Refugee Order — ‘We’re Not Here To Debate…’ [VIDEO]

Paul Ryan Shuts Down CBS Reporter Attacking Trump’s Refugee Order — ‘We’re Not Here To Debate…’ [VIDEO]

House speaker Paul Ryan positively shut down CBS reporter Nancy Cordes during a press conference after she tried to rip President Trump’s temporary immigration “ban.”

The House Republicans held a press conference on Tuesday where Speaker Ryan was confronted by a reporter from CBS who wanted to debate the “Muslim Ban.”

US Speaker of the House Ryan delivers a speech on "the state of American politics" to interns on Capitol Hill in Washington

“Mr. Speaker, when you do a cost benefit analysis, people from these countries haven’t carried out deadly terrorist attacks here in the United States since 9/11,” Cordes said. “You have a lot of military experts, intelligence experts warning that this is going to serve as a recruiting tool for ISIS. Are you sure that this is going to make America more safe, not less safe?”

Ryan conceded that the “rhetoric surrounding this could be used as a recruiting tool, and I think that’s dangerous.”

The Speaker then went on to explain that the list of countries chosen for the temporary restriction was created by the Obama administration when Cordes interrupted:

“But they weren’t calling for a ban.”

Ryan repeated that “these countries were named by the Obama administration” in relation to an issue with respect to terrorists trying to infiltrate our refugee population.” Cordes interrupted him again:

“But they haven’t been able to, partly because our vetting is so strenuous.”

That is when Ryan decided that he was done being disrespected by this reporter who was acting more like an attack dog and less like a journalist.

“We’re not here to debate. We’re here to answer your questions. There is nothing wrong with taking a pause and making sure we have the proper vetting standards in place so that we do not have a problem like France had with Paris.”

Watch the video below:

He’s absolutely right. There is nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution, especially in an age where people who have never met you are being told to kill you simply because you live in a country they don’t like. They need no reason to murder you or your loved ones other than the fact that you are Americans. We can be compassionate to legitimate refugees, but we don’t have to be stupid about who we let in.

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