Trumps Immigration Policy will Keep America Safe


       By: Derek Varsalona




 Donald J. Trump took a bold step in one of his first foreign policy decisions with his Executive Order by blocking certain immigrants from countries from entering the United States. Under the policy the American government is ordered to detect individuals with ties to terrorism and prevent them from entering this nation. This is a great step to keep America safe. Everyone coming into this nation should have a full background check to make sure that they do not want to do harm to America.


It is funny how the left is up in arms about this policy. When Barack Obama was President he halted a refugee process for six months and the Democrats did not scream that President Obama was being a racist. This policies is not racist as it applies to all foreign nationals not just Mexico or countries with terrorist ties.


The visas under the Trump policy serves one main purpose. To “detect individuals with terrorist ties and prevent them from entering the country.” It will also make sure that people who want to enter the United States do so with good will and have no intention to harm Americans. You know it is funny how Democrats want to make background checks for all handguns and rightfully so but they do not want to check the background of a foreign national who might come here to harm Americans.


The vetting of individuals for entering the United States will be placed under the direction of the Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director of National Defense will be the one reviewing all information before issuing an visa for an individual wishing to enter the United States of America by going through a intense background check. Part of the background check the applicant for the visa must go through a personal interview, since the Interview Waiver Program is now being suspended under this executive order.


Donald Trump has the right idea and extreme vetting is needed in this country to protect ourselves from terrorist and others who want to do us harm.


Derek Varsalona

I have a mild Case of Cerebral Palsy and am very politically active

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