Washington Post: Republicans Are Totally Into Gun Pride

Today’s opinion piece disguised as a straight news article, by Phillip Rucker and Sean Sullivan, appearing on the front page of the web page. It’s meant to say how Republicans are outside the mainstream in their support of guns and gun rights. Funny how the Washington Post never does the same about radicalized Muslims, who have been involved in multiple “mass shootings”, including San Bernardino

Gun rights? Try gun pride: GOP candidates display firearms machismo

Ted Cruz strode Friday into a shooting range here, where assault rifles and handguns were displayed on the walls and boxes of ammunition were stacked up for sale, to deliver tough talk following this week’s massacre in California.

“You don’t stop bad guys by taking away our guns. You stop bad guys by using our guns,” Cruz thundered to a roomful of Second Amendment activists. The Republican senator from Texas vowed that after he is elected president, any “lunatic” or “jihadist” who attempts to harm innocent Americans will “encounter the business end of firearms.”

There was a time when politicians professed their enthusiasm for gun rights by donning camouflage and hunting pheasants. Now, Republican presidential hopefuls campaign in active shooting ranges. They invite the media to watch them fire assault rifles or demolish the tax code with an AR-15. Or, as Cruz did in August, they wrap strips of raw bacon around the barrel of a machine gun to cook them with the heat of gunfire.

And Republican voters LOVE IT! We understand that this is a person who will defend the Constitution.

Republican politics have hardened from gun rights to gun pride, as candidates embrace and show off the more militaristic features of weaponry.

Of course, as most bed-wetting liberals fail to notice, no matter how you dress up the gun, it’s still has the same characteristics of non-scary looking guns

Here’s the money quote

“If you’re a Republican candidate these days and can’t handle a firearm, all you can run for is the border,” said Mark McKinnon, a veteran GOP media strategist. “Republicans are all about being tough on crime, tough on terrorism and just plain tough.”

Can anyone find a similar quote about Democrats? These are the people who seem to support criminals (for instance, Tookie, Mumia, and Michael Brown), want un-fettered illegal immigration and to bring over “Syrian” refugees who are completely unknown, have whined about the war on terrorism and call any, even minor, condemnation of Muslim extremists, “Islamophobia”, and, as far as toughness goes, they caterwaul, carry on, and need safe spaces over minor things that upset them.

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