WATCH: ‘Triggered’ Don Lemon Comes UNHINGED On Live TV After Trump Slams Obama and Hillary

WATCH: ‘Triggered’ Don Lemon Comes UNHINGED On Live TV After Trump Slams Obama and Hillary

CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon is such an unmitigated, leftist, biased media hack that it boggles my mind. I know people that say they like the guy. I don’t see how. If you don’t agree with him, he bullies you into shutting up, just as he did with conservative pundit Ben Ferguson. It was contentious and mind-blowingly stupid. Lemon lost his cool with Ferguson because he brought up Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s scandals. All he wanted to talk about was President Trump and non-existent Russian collusion. You know… it doesn’t matter what the narrative is… just lie about Trump long enough and they hope it will stick. What a bunch of asshats.

I don’t know why Ferguson even bothered going on. He was never going to get a fair and unbiased chance to speak his piece. He was on a panel with fellow political commentators Tara Setmayer and Bakari Sellers to discuss President Trump’s recent interview with the New York Times. When Ferguson didn’t stick to the Trump issue, Lemon rudely cut him off and went to a commercial break over it. Ferguson was on a roll over the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin.

Ferguson pointed out that during the Obama years, several people received ‘special treatment’ after making mistakes for which they would have been indicted for had they been Republicans. Which goes directly to the point of what is going on at the DOJ and FBI these days. It’s called corruption and it is definitely impacting President Trump. He then brought up the Clinton and Abedin email scandal, at which point Lemon interrupted him asking in what way his point was relevant to the Donald Trump interview. Well, the FBI and DOJ cleared both of them. And the people who did that are some of the same people that are on Mueller’s team investigating the Russian dossier. That would be FBI Agent Peter Stzrok and Director James Comey.

When the show returned after a commercial break, Lemon said he would be happy for Ferguson to make his point on the condition that he did not ‘hijack the panel’ and would stick to things that are relevant to the topic. In other words, he wouldn’t allow him to explain how Strzok changed the wording so that Clinton would walk. And then conspired on Mueller’s team with Lisa Page and FBI Assistant Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to bring down a sitting President of the United States. He was a huge supporter of Clinton in so many different ways.

Don Lemon said, “But I don’t wanna hear about Benghazi, I don’t want to hear about uranium, it has been litigated a million times.” Ferguson accused him of not wanting to discuss Clinton because it did not fit his narrative, to which Lemon responded that it was irrelevant. I’m sure it is… to him and the left. But not to Americans. Ferguson then accused Lemon of letting Sellers speak because he agrees with him, to which Lemon fired back: “No it is not because I agree with it all, it’s because he is talking about things that are relevant, things that have to do with now!” It’s absolutely because he agreed with him. A blind man could see that.

Lemon continued, “Not some bull from the past that has been litigated over and over and is not relevant anymore! Every time, someone goes; “Oh but her emails, oh but uranium!” Then he pushed everyone to start in on Trump again, “instead of going back in time in a time machine and talking about something and someone who is not president anymore.”

Don Lemon is a nothing more than a propagandist. He’s a HUGE part of what makes CNN worthless to watch anymore. This is definitely CNN.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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