The power vacuum in Washington from the scores of Democrats being taken down has only one outcome, writes Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin.

Trump must be impeached, he alleges in his most recent column, in order to fill the void left on the left. The Democrats, he says, have “no leader,” “no message” and “nothing to brag about.”

Earlier this week we wrote about billionaire Tom Steyer, a man who outspends George Soros on left-wing causes, but manages to stay further under the radar. Steyer has been pouring tens of millions of dollars into an ad campaign looking to gather the names of five million supporters and he says he already has four million people signed up on his petition dedicated to impeach Trump. Further, after spending over $66 million on supporting left-wing candidates and groups during 2016, Steyer says that he will no longer give money to candidates unless they endorse his belief that Trump ought to be impeached. Steyer believes that Trump broke the law by firing James Comey from the FBI, which Steyer called an obstruction of justice. The ex-hedge fund manager also believes that Trump broke the law by taking money from foreign governments.

So, it looks like the void of leadership and messaging is being bowled over by the left-wing’s money men whose only goal is to get Donald out of the Oval Office. Goodwin says that there is a “resistance” wing that is overtaking the Democratic Party, which should be clear to anyone who has been watching the DNC fall apart. Donna Brazile’s allegation that the Democratic National Committee was sold out to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, started lawyer Dan Backer looking into the campaign finance laws he’s worked on in court previously, finding out that the Hillary Victory Fund was exploiting a law that allowed an individual to no longer be bound by the number of candidates and groups they can donate toward. By taking massive donations from individuals under the guise that they’ll be handing the money out to more than thirty different Democratic groups, but really funneling most of it to Hillary’s campaign, the group may have violated FEC law. Backer alleges that $84 million made its way into the Hillary campaign using this method.

With Hillary taking the sleazy route, Democrats have a right to be upset — but they shouldn’t be lashing out at Trump, they should be focusing on draining their own swamp first. But Goodwin believes that the Democrats are using “impeachment as a pure political weapon” and that they will “try to win [the election] with impeachment.”

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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