Fox News Host Could Have Killed Someone After Ax Stunt Went Horribly Wrong [Video]

Fox News Host Could Have Killed Someone After Ax Stunt Went Horribly Wrong [Video]

Oh, buddy… that could have gone so much worse. Before you throw a knife or an axe, before you shoot a gun or discharge any weapon… you are supposed to know what is behind and around your target. This Fox and Friends co-host seems to have forgotten that rule. He threw an axe at a target and it went right over it… right into a drummer. Fortunately, he was hit with the broadside of the axe and only got a few cuts on his wrist. He could have been so dead if that axe had come in blade first. Fox News is not commenting and with good reason… this is the type of snafu that bringeth a law suit. Geez.

Fox News Accident

From TheBlaze:

A Fox News stunt went horribly wrong on live television Sunday when a “Fox and Friends” co-host accidentally threw an ax over a target and hit an individual in New York City.

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The stunt featured host Pete Hegseth and was aimed at promoting an upcoming segment on timber sports.

Video of the incident shows the ax sail over the target and hit drummer Jef Prosperie, who was standing behind the target.

“I was hit by an axe while performing a drum solo live on National TV…..words I never imagined saying! This happened last Sunday and I have been reluctant to post but starting to receive inquiries from concerned family and friends,” Prosperie wrote on Facebook.

“I am thankful to God that the double sided blade only hit broadside on the outer elbow with significant impact and a couple of cuts as it fell along my wrist,” he continued. “It could have been much worse or fatal. Focusing on full physical and emotional recovery.”

In a followup post, Prosperie wrote that he thinks the Fox News host “went rogue and decided to throw” the ax, noting that “he had only thrown it once before in practice.”

“Poor decision, obvious negligence, should not have happened, could have been avoided. When shooting or throwing, always know what is behind your target. Basic safety rule,” he wrote.

A Fox News spokesperson did not immediately respond Monday to a request for comment.

I wonder who the genius was that decided putting the drummers directly behind that target was a good idea. And what’s with the other drummers just carrying on? And… what kind of idiot who has thrown an axe exactly one time figures he’s got the right stuff to throw it dead on and not wonder what happens if he misses? I wouldn’t even dignify it as a poor decision, that was just plain stupid and arrogant. Fox can afford the best lawyers out there… they may need them this time. Imagine if that had killed someone.

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