Piers Morgan Calls for Whites Who Say N-Word to Be Imprisoned

It’s okay for Obama to indulge in a little community organizer agitation by dropping the N-bomb. That’s because he’s not white. According to Piers Morgan, white people who commit political blasphemy by saying “nigger” should be thrown in jail:

It isn’t easy to take Piers Morgan seriously, especially now that the doughy gun control advocate doesn’t even have a soapbox at CNN. But this could become a serious issue. From Hot Air:

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Remember Chris Cuomo mumbling about the “fighting words” exception to free speech? The “fighting words” doctrine says that the state can ban words which are so inflammatory that their mere utterance is apt to incite a breach of the peace. If there’s any word in American life that a majority of the public might agree rises to that level of inflammation, it’s the word “nigger.” In fact, Cuomo explicitly analogized between that word and drawings of Mohammed to try to capture how insulting Pam Geller had been to Muslims. If the left ever fully commits to trying to ban “hate speech,” Morgan’s idea is their strongest play, a potential foot in the door of First Amendment jurisprudence. Get one word banned successfully and then everything afterward is a simple matter of analogy. If people deserve jail time for the N-word, why doesn’t a cartoonist deserve it for a Mohammed drawing? Hate is hate, right?

Any speech that could be construed as critical of groups favored by leftists — and by extension most any criticism of liberal policies — can be portrayed as hate speech.

Even if the First Amendment is discarded on “fighting words” grounds, what about the Fourteenth, which guarantees equal protection? How can you jail whites but not blacks for a word blacks use far more often?

No worries, moonbats. Activist judges will rule that equal protection is irrelevant, because according to liberal doctrine, only white people can be racist.

This will make it official that the fundamental concept of equality before the law has been discarded in favor of political correctness. Eventually there will be one set of laws for the privileged — blacks, homosexuals, Muslims, etc. — and another for the rest of us.

The Confederate flag will not be the last casualty of the progressive jihad against racism, which after all is only a means to an end. The gutting of the Constitution is implicit in that end.

On a tip from DinaRehn. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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