FOX NEWS WARDROBE SCANDAL: Watch Megyn Kelly at the RNC…

FOX NEWS WARDROBE SCANDAL: Watch Megyn Kelly at the RNC…

While there are those who believe that the Melania Trump speech is a non-issue, there are also those who are complaining that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly looked like she was wearing “lingerie” at the RNC. Why is this even news? Why are we talking about this? Because people are looking for the smallest thing to tear down those who disagree with them.


From The Daily Mail:

There was plenty of drama at Wednesday night’s Republican National Convention, but it was Megyn Kelly’s spaghetti-strap dress that caused Twitter to be overrun with harsh criticisms about her ‘unprofessional’ appearance.

The 45-year-old Fox News star has been busy covering the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, this week, but it was last night’s form-fitting dress, which bared her shoulders and the upper part of her chest, that caused a stir with her audience, as critics took to social media to slam Megyn for ‘wearing a bikini’ and dressing like a ‘cocktail waitress’.

The Twitter uproar comes as her boss is under fire from the network for gender discrimination and sexual harassment of female employees.

Roger Ailes is being ousted from the cable giant he built in the wake of a sexual harassment and gender discrimination suit filed by the network’s former anchor Gretchen Carlson. According to New York Magazine, Megyn has told independent investigators hired by the Murdochs in the wake of the lawsuit that she too was victimized by Ailes ten years ago.

And now the internet has taken her to task as well.


Yes, the world is on fire, police are dying in the streets, but let’s focus on what someone is wearing. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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