Here’s What the Media Is HIDING About the Orlando Massacre

Here’s What the Media Is HIDING About the Orlando Massacre

I was dreading having to hear what the President would say following the Orlando nightclub massacre. Absolutely dreading it…and he proved that I wasn’t over-reacting, when he finally did speak on it. President Barack Obama’s reaction to the mass shooting was on all accounts…and expected disappointment.


From Breitbart:

Speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room Sunday afternoon, Obama reminded them that law enforcement officials still didn’t know all the facts of the case and would follow the facts of the investigation to identify the motive.

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“What is clear is that he was a person filled with hatred,” Obama said. “Over the coming days, we’ll uncover how and why this happens and we’ll go wherever the facts lead us.”

But Obama ignored the connection to radical Islamic terrorism, even after news outlets reported that the shooter made a call to a Florida 911 center to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

Instead, Obama echoed the calls for more gun control from anti-gun activists, reminding Americans how easy it is for criminals to get guns.

“We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well,” he said, calling the attack “the most deadly shooting in American history.”

The President is an absolute disgrace and a complete let down to the American people. He is not protecting us. He is leading from behind and creating a nation who is vulnerable to these type of attacks. Is he just an idiot or is that part of his plan? ISIS has claimed responsibility, the shooter himself claimed allegiance to ISIS, yet Obama and Hillary still want to talk about “gun control” being forced upon Americans? That’s a HUGE red flag!

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