How The Media Deals With Wackos: Tim Profitt Vs. Ian Rotunno

If you want to watch how the mainstream media twists and distorts the news to fit its preconceived ideological biase, you could do worse than looking at how acts of political violence are covered.

Every so often, some kook does something deranged and violent over a political issue. If the kook in question happens to be conservative, it’s suddenly the hottest issue in America and liberals come out of the woodwork to proclaim that the fruit loop in question is typical of Republicans and is acting out because of conservative rhetoric. On the other hand, if a left-winger does something loopy, well, he’s just a crazy person symbolic of nothing, who should be ignored.

If you want to see a great example of how this works, look at the furor over Tim Profitt who viciously planted a kick to the head of a MoveOn activist at a Rand Paul/Jack Conway debate. Of course, there were assault charges filed against a Conway supporter at the very same debate, but naturally, that has largely been ignored because it doesn’t fit the way that the liberals in the media want to slant the news.

But let’s go beyond that debate and talk about Ian Rotunno. Who’s Ian Rotunno, you may ask? Well, there you go…

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A suburban Rochester, New York, man described as potentially “the next Oklahoma City bomber” has been arrested and charged with planning to kill former President George W. Bush, according to federal authorities.

The suspect, 23-year-old Ian Rotunno of Greece, New York, repeatedly told Secret Service agents he was intent on killing the former president, and had planned to go to Washington or Texas to carry out that mission. However, Rotunno, after loading his truck with assorted weapons, turned himself in to Owego, New York, police on October 7.

Rotunno was charged Tuesday in federal court in Buffalo with “knowingly threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict bodily harm upon a former President of the United States.” If convicted, he could receive up to 10 years in prison.

Secret Service Agent Joel Blackerby said in an affidavit that Rotunno believes the U.S. government is corrupt and it is his job to do “whatever is necessary to stop it, call attention to his views, and will be more than happy to go down with it as well as take down anyone in his way. ”

…”I know where to find President Bush at his ranch in Texas, and I’m not going to stop,” Rotunno told Secret Service agents, according to the affidavit.

The Secret Service quotes psychiatric physician Dr. Anthony Yacona at St. James Hospital in Hornell, New York, as issuing a warning not to release Rotunno.

“Dr. Yacona stated that in his opinion, if left to his own accord Rotunno would fall into the category of ‘the next Oklahoma City bomber,’ and was an immediate danger to Federal Government employees,” the affidavit said.

So we have an armed, violent liberal who was apparently serious about KILLING George W. Bush. So, how many Google News stories are there about this? By my count, 85. Now, how many stories are there about Tim Profitt? By my count, 1,045. So, a serious politically motivated murder threat against a former President is apparently a less appealing story to the media than an attack on a random member of MoveOn. Then there’s the spin. Chris Matthews, for example, said the event reminded him of “the thirties, in another country.” I wonder if Rotunno’s actions would inspire a similar comparison from Matthews? If you can find anyone who knows Matthews or watches his show, maybe someone can ask him.

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