Obama Doesn’t Need Teflon: He’s A Democrat

In my latest Pajamas column I talk about how President Obama is forgiven anything and everything simply because he’s a Democrat. Also, I talk about the media elites ignoring stories that don’t matter to them.

Here are some of my thoughts:

As in Houston in 2008 and Nashville in 2010, there is real bias in the national media against “hick” towns. New Orleans has panache. Yes, it’s a liberal bastion of crime, squalor, and destitution, but all that evil happens on an artsy-fartsy and smug exterior.

Libs love the town, and they loved that a Democrat mayor and Democrat governor blamed a Republican president. The liberal press gorged themselves on the smorgasbord of self-indulgent moralizing while American citizens in the middle of the country – whom they so despise – actually did the job of taking care of the displaced and grieving.

Howard Kurtz concluded:

In Nashville, though, a storied American city suffered a devastating blow and many lives were lost. It’s too bad the news business seems able to juggle only one or two crises at a time.

Baloney. They just didn’t care. It didn’t effect anyone they know.

So the press bring with them a couple inherent biases:

1. They are for any Democrat–just naturally inclined to believe good intentions

2. They are against small-town middle America. That’s where the great unwashed live after all.


They also won’t press on the oil spill. Had a Republican been in charge, this disaster would be relentlessly covered. We would see poor little oil-covered creatures. We’d see Anderson Cooper giving a manatee mouth-to-mouth and crying salty tears over the plight of animals. Geraldo Rivera would be ripping his shirt and displaying chest hair in righteous lamentation over the dead fish and stench of rotting sea life filling the air.

Instead, we have restrained, factual reporting, which is actually nice for a change. But it is so ridiculously biased that a blind man can see the hypocrisy. This oil spill and the Obama administration’s dopey handling of it should be like a huge, nasty smudge on his reputation. This is something he saw and feared.

No worries, though! He’s a Democrat.

Being a Democrat means, inherently, that one cares. How can one be an uncaring Democrat? It’s not possible. Democrats are good people. Republicans are evil.

So every article has been a fluffy lovefest for the president. He is just so good.

How much money did President Obama receive from BP? Quickly now. What? The number isn’t blazoned into your consciousness? What are President Obama’s ties to the industry? What rules did he change or manipulate for BP?


There are answers, of course, and they are all damning for President Obama. But he is a Democrat, so that’s just extraneous information. No need to play the blame game, don’t you see?

Tragedies happen. Disasters happen. Could President Obama stop the rain? No, but he could act like he gives a damn.

Could he stop the oil rig from blowing? Maybe. But we’ll never know. Safety precautions? Inspections? Look the other way; President Obama is a Democrat.

And while we’re at it, could the Times Square bombing have been prevented? Maybe. Don’t expect the press to investigate it. Hey, Howard Kurtz: Since the press was focusing on the Times Square Bomber, do you think they could do a little causative analysis? You know, contemplate policy changes and consider whether the new administration put policies in place that might have resulted in a dude who’s been watch-listed parking in the middle of the busiest block of the country with a car bomb? Yeah, that.

President Obama isn’t the teflon president. He’s got better armor. He’s the Democratic president. It’s like a super power: it makes the press incurious, stupid, and strangely unwilling to draw conclusions.

Please go read the whole thing.

I figured that the press would hold to the president through thick and thin all the way until the end. And so far, they have not disappointed. Of course, with their lack of vetting and utter incuriosity about the man, they have to uphold him or else lose their own credibility.

And they are tenacious about what little cred they have left.

I don’t expect President Obama to be covered fairly any time soon.

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