Of AZ Law Football Player Tells Media: ‘I’m a Football Player It Doesn’t Matter What I Think’

As “Dirty Harry” Callahan said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Well it looks like Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez knows his and his limitations are that he’s a football player, not a politician.

Like the lemmings they are, the left-wing Old Media asked this football player what he thought about the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law. His reply was admirable.

“When it comes to politics, my candid answer is, I’m football player and it doesn’t matter what I think,” he said in a transcript provided by the New York Jets. “The most important thing is you see both sides. I haven’t read the legislature, so I won’t pass judgment on it.

Would that more entertainers, singers, actors, sports folk and other such uninformed folks would keep their completely irrelevant opinions out of the public square.

It is usually so painfully obvious that these sort of people who have spent their whole lives single-mindedly striving for excellence in a single field of endeavor have NO clue about history, politics, philosophy, or anything outside their field of work — much less any ability at introspection. Yet they seem to think that because they have achieved some amount of fame for their chief interests or work, why just everyone wants to hang on their every word. The fact is, people should simply shut the heck up if they don’t have an informed opinion.

Sure, if you are an informed leftist like few of these Hollyweird nuts are (informed, I mean, not just leftist), speak your mind when the conversation comes to politics or philosophy. But if you haven’t taken any real time to investigate the subject, please have the common courtesy to keep your half-sentient thoughts to yourself.

Certainly everyone has a right to speak out regardless of foreknowledge of a subject. This is America, after all. But please do think of others won’t you? And kudos to this sports dude for doing that. Would that more people in the public spotlight would be so thoughtful.

Now, I can hear what some of you are saying…”well, YOU ain’t so thoughtful, Huston. You open your big mouth all the time!” Au contraire mon frère (in this case, that’s Frenchie talk for “blow me, pal”). Yes I ramble on and on every day here, but I do NOT ramble about things I’ve never really tried to read up on. For instance, I never discuss evolution vs intelligent design. It isn’t because I have no opinion it’s because I don’t have enough info at my fingertips to discuss it properly. I also never talk sports. I hate sports and know precisely nothing about them… well, except that I hate them. I also avoid hard science stuff because I’ve never really researched any particular scientific field. Well, there are a lot of things I never discuss on the blog because I just don’t have enough knowledge about it to be conversant. And so, I extend the kindness to readers not to write about what I’ve never had any in depth interest in.

Sadly, we see all too many “famous” people imagining in their arrogance that just any old blather that comes out of their pie-hole keeps the rest of us on the edge of our seats. Would that more of them would emulate Mr. Jets football dude, indeed.

Thanks to JammieWearingFool for finding this gem.

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