Rush Limbaugh Drops BOMBSHELL About Developing Flynn Story

Rush Limbaugh Drops BOMBSHELL About Developing Flynn Story

General Michael Flynn resigned as Donald Trump’s national security adviser after it came to light that he was not completely honest about his discussions with the ambassador to Russia. More and more leaks have come out about what happened behind the scenes of Flynn’s resignation, including this whopper from Rush Limbaugh.

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According to Limbaugh, Flynn’s resignation should be causing people to take a hard look at one person: Barack Obama. According to Fox News, Flynn had a phone conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about sanctions against Russia, which may have violated federal law. But Limbaugh says there’s something the media is missing.

“To show you just how lame the media is and how little they’ve got, they’re already asking, ‘what did Trump know and when did he know it,’ and that’s not the question. The question is, ‘what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it and what has he engineered here?’” Limbaugh said. “This all happened with Flynn back in December. Trump had not even been inaugurated yet. And it’s still mysterious to me what really happened.”

It’s been revealed that the calls were intercepted by the intelligence community, so Limbaugh could be right that Obama was made aware of them. But that’s not all — Limbaugh points out that Flynn does, in fact, have some ties to the Obama administration.

“In September 2011, Mike Flynn was promoted to lieutenant general assigned to the office of the Director of National Intelligence by Barack Obama. On April 17, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Michael Flynn to be the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency,” Limbaugh explained. “The Defense Department has its own intel operation and he ran it, as opposed to the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s called the DIA, and it’s big, and it’s relevant, and it’s important, and it does great work, and Flynn ran it after having been promoted to lead it by Obama in 2012. He took command of the DIA in July of 2012. He is a member of the Democrat Party, according to Wikipedia. Michael Flynn is a member of the Democrat Party.”

IF Obama did know about these calls, why did he not take any action?

Flynn’s response to the scandal, however, should at least put to rest any doubt about his loyalties; he spoke highly of the Trump administration, took responsibility for his own actions and did the right thing by resigning.

Do you think the Obama administration was somehow involved?

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