JUST IN: ICE Agents Arrest DREAMER Given Amnesty by Obama

JUST IN: ICE Agents Arrest DREAMER Given Amnesty by Obama

In 2012, Barack Obama enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which became known as the “DREAMER” program. It allowed minors brought into the country as illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. Now, with Donald Trump as president, the future of Obama’s DREAMERs has been uncertain — until now.

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Daniel Ramirez Medina was taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. He is an illegal immigrant, brought to the United States as a child, and with no criminal record. Officials originally arrived at his home to arrest his father, but for unknown reasons, took Medina also.

He is now being held in Tacoma, Washington. Previously, he was protected under Obama’s DREAMERs program, along with around 750,000 other people. But Trump promised to be tougher on illegal immigration than Obama was.

Ramirez has filed a challenge against his detention, saying that the DACA program has given him authorization to work in the United States, and arguing that his constitutional rights have been violated. Ethan Dettmer, one of the lawyers representing Ramirez, says that he doesn’t know of any other DREAMERs who have been arrested. “We are hoping this detention was a mistake,” he said. ICE officials have not commented on the details of his case.

Last week, ICE officials arrested over 680 illegal immigrants, creating lots of liberal outrage. Still, some of Trump’s past comments seem to be unclear about what his plans for DACA are. “They are here illegally. They shouldn’t be very worried. I do have a big heart,” he claimed. “We’re going to take care of everybody. We’re going to have a very strong border.”

Ramirez was brought to the United States when he was seven years-old. He was given his DACA card in 2014 and it has been renewed once since then, with government officials finding that he is no threat to public safety. He also has a three year-old son. When ICE officials came for him, he was allegedly sleeping and was asked if he was in the country illegally. He told them he had a work permit, to which they reportedly replied, “It doesn’t matter, because you weren’t born in this country.”

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