Tucker Carlson ROASTS Smug Washington Post Reporter: “You’re a Political Hack” [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson ROASTS Smug Washington Post Reporter: “You’re a Political Hack” [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson has made a name for himself roasting liberals on Fox News and his latest victim is a reporter for the Washington Post. Carlson took aim at Wemple for his media bias, telling him that he was nothing more than a political hack parading as a “media critic.”

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Carlson started off the interview with a critique of the Washington Post. “The Washington Post for years many years has literally carried paid propaganda from the Russian government — a section called Russia behind the headlines,” Carlson pointed out. “It looks like newsprint. It’s designed to fool readers into thinking it’s real, and it’s pure propaganda paid for — distributed by — the Russian government. … Why have you never written about that? How can you attack others when you don’t note that your own paper makes money from taking propaganda from the Russian government?”

Wemple, clearly unprepared for the question, first said that it was a good question, but then argued that other papers also run similar inserts. Then why does Wemple attack other media outlets, like Politico, for running those inserts? “In case after case you fail to cover your own paper running fake or misleading things,” Carlson said, pointing out numerous falsehoods and inaccuracies.

He gave as an example an inaccurate story claiming Russia had hacked into the power grid. Wemple wrote about it, but he didn’t speak to the reporters on the story. “You could interview the reporters who wrote the story,” Carlson said. “And then you end with this: ‘The missteps mar an otherwise spectacular run for The Post.’ Now when you write something that brown-nosey, do you feel guilt?”

“Do you feel like you’re doing your job as a hard-hitting reporter?” Carlson added.

The onslaught from Carlson was so strong, that Wemple was barely able to get a word in edgewise. That was a smackdown that he clearly did not see coming!

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