Video Shows Leftist Missouri Professor Threatening Reporter & Leading Social Justice Mob

Video Shows Leftist Missouri Professor Threatening Reporter & Leading Social Justice Mob

At least two professors at the University of Missouri were involved in protests that led to the resignation of President Tim Wolfe yesterday. A young journalist was covering the celebration of hundreds of student radicals after Wolfe stepped down when things turned nasty. These protesters formed a human wall to keep the media out. But according to state law, university law and the Constitution, they have the right to freedom of speech whether these fascists like it or not. The reporter stood his ground just as he should have even though the crowd was pushing him back. One professor even threatened him with violence. America, how do you like your institutions of higher victimization now? These students are getting degrees in fascism.

Missouri Professor

From IJReview:

Campus politics got nasty Monday, with a mob attempting to intimidate the media out of documenting a protest at the University of Missouri, and getting even uglier when the Internet realized at least two of the protesters weren’t just students.

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While trying to photograph the scene where a hunger protest had been held, young journalist Tim Tai was confronted by a group of protestors who told him to leave.

Tai stood his ground, reminding the crowd of his First Amendment right to photograph on a public space.

But the crowd gradually forced him to retreat, chanting at him to get out of their “space.”

Missouri Professor1

Many of the people facing Tai look like students in their quad at a protest.

But the blonde woman in the middle of the screenshot below is Assistant Director for Greek Life & Leadership Janna Basler, according to the Columbia Missourian.

Missouri Professor2

And the woman in the right of the photo below is allegedly Assistant Professor of Mass Media Melissa Click, according to CNN’s Dylan Byers.

Missouri Professor3

In the video, Click accosted Mark Schierbecker, the man filming the video, as The Federalist notes:

You need to get out, you need to get out,” Melissa Click demanded of the person filming the protest. “You need to get out,” she continued before trying to grab the camera out of the videographer’s hands.

“I actually don’t,” the journalist told Click.

“Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here,” the media professor then hysterically exclaimed to the assembled mob. “I need some muscle over here!”

Click has a research focus in, according to the Missouri staff website:

  • 50 Shades of Grey readers
  • The impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga
  • Masculinity and male fans
  • Messages about class and food in reality television programming
  • Messages about work in children’s television programs.

Twitter was swiftly horrified by the video, with fellow faculty memberKatherine Reed calling out the “shame” of Click and Basler’s behavior:

Missouri Professor4

Ironically, Click wasn’t always opposed to journalists being involved in the story, having previously sought media attention for the protests, according to a screenshot of a Facebook post tweeted by a Des Moines Register reporter on Monday:

“Hey folks, students fighting racism on the MU campus want to get their message into the national media. Who among my friends knows someone who would want a scoop on this incredible topic?

The story involves the failure of administrators, a student on day 6 of a hunger strike, and creative, fearless students. If you can help, please let me know!”

The actions of the crowd were also condemned by the executive editor of the Columbia Missourian, who told the Los Angeles Times that he foundit:

“[I]ronic that particularly faculty members would result to those kinds of things for no good reason.”

After the protest, Tai said he didn’t want to become part of the story, but tweeted a link affirming he was correct to say he had a right to access the quad to take pictures:

Missouri Professor5

Basler and Click are just two members of the staff at Missouri, and they were rapidly called out for their behavior Monday.

But to see a college professor calling on the use of physical force to deny a journalist the First Amendment is deeply concerning for Americans worried about the future of free speech.

Assistant Director for Greek Life & Leadership Janna Basler was in the mix and got in the reporter’s face. Even worse was Assistant Professor of Mass Media Melissa Click who ordered the journalist to leave and when he wouldn’t, she screeched for some thug to come help physically remove him. This so-called professor teaches deep thinking having to do with social justice, 50 Shades of Grey and Lady Gaga. Need I say more? This is deplorable and shameful behavior from these professors and they should be summarily fired for it. On July 14, Gov. Jay Nixon signed Senate Bill 93, also known as the “Campus Free Expression Act.” The bill expands free speech zones on the campuses of public institutions of higher education in Missouri, such as MU’s Speakers Circle, and allows protests and speeches to take place on any outdoor space. By eliminating free speech zones, expressive acts, such as protests and speeches, can be held throughout campuses, making college campuses “traditional public forums,” according to the bill. The bill was passed unanimously in the state Senate, making Missouri the second state along with Virginia to have passed legislation of this kind to protect the First Amendment rights of students on college campuses. That includes freedom of the press, you morons. Wolfe should not have caved and stepped down. You never, ever negotiate with terrorists… especially the social justice variety.

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