Watch Greta Van Susteren Take Obama To School On His Unconstitutional Executive Overreach With Iran [Video]

Good for Greta. She really gets it and understands. She certainly has a better grasp of Constitutional law than the President appears to have. Although, I suspect he understands it perfectly and just doesn’t give a flying crap. Obama can’t just on his own, willy nilly, like a king, make a unilateral agreement with Iran. That is a gross overreach by the Executive branch. The Senate must advise and consent with a super majority.

From Western Journalism:

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren took President Obama back to law school to remind him of the Constitution amidst the imminent Iranian nuclear deal.

Van Susteren went ‘off the record’ to remind the so-called “constitutional law professor” that he alone does not have the power to single-handedly make a deal with Iran, according to the Constitution.

“Article two, Section two, Clause two of the Constitution includes the treaty clause, which empowers the president to propose and negotiate agreements between the United States and other nations which become treaties after – yes, after – the advice and consent of a super majority of the U.S. Senate,” Van Susteren said. “Now, that means the president has no power to make a deal solely with Iran. Solely alone, he can’t do that.”

Her response came after she played a clip of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying the administration is hesitant to come to Congress with an agreement before doing so with Iran.

“Ultimately, we can’t put in place an additional hurdle for that agreement to overcome here at the eleventh hour,” Earnest said at a press conference.

“Hurdle? That clause is not a hurdle,” Van Susteren responded. “Josh Earnest may think it trivial, but I don’t. It’s the Constitution, to be respected and adhered to.”

Naturally, Josh Earnest as Obama’s Marxist mouthpiece, will treat this as trivial. It’s not. It is a flagrant abuse of power – one of many. However, this one could throw us into a nuclear war with billions of lives at stake. We’re talking about genocide on a scale this planet has never seen before. If our president will not adhere to the Constitution, the American people have a duty and a responsibility to stop him. Whether it be by impeachment, removal using the military or a Convention of the States, he must be stopped nonetheless if he goes forward with arming Iran. The other choice is fanatical, religious zealots armed to the teeth with nuclear ballistic missiles that have Israel’s and the US’ names printed on them in big, glaring Farsi. They will usher in their own Armageddon if given half a chance.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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