How the Younger Generation Hate or Love America: U. Cali students remove offensive American flag from ‘inclusive’ space

What’s written in this piece in Campus Reform is a bunch of Leftist self-hating-America-hating hogwash that represents the opposite message they’re trying to represent.

Campus Reform reports rhe Associated Students of University of California, Irvine (ASUCI) voted Tuesday to remove all flags, including American flags, from an inclusive space on campus because of their offensive nature.

The bill, R50-70, was authored by Social Ecology Representative Matthew Guevara, and accuses all flags, especially, the American flag, of being “symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism.”

“[F]lags construct paradigms of conformity and sets [sic] homogenized standards for others to obtain which in this country typically are idolized as freedom, equality, and democracy,” the bill reads.

The legislation argues that flags may be interpreted differently; the American flag, for example, can represent “American exceptionalism and superiority,” as well as oppression.

“[T]he American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism,” the bill continues, arguing that “symbolism has negative and positive aspects that are interpreted differently by individuals.”

The anti-flag hanging bill adds that free speech, such as flags in inclusive spaces, can be interpreted as hate speech.

“Let it be resolved that ASUCI make every effort to make the Associated Students main lobby space as inclusive as possible.”


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 If this flawed rationale the students at U of Cali at Irvine is to be believed, then the United Nations in NYC are a bunch of hate speech mongers for flying the flag of over hundred nations for over 50 years. These stupid Liberalism indoctrinated students wanted to ban the American flag exclusively by hiding behind a false pretense that flags are offensive in general. These kids may think they’re smart but they’re not slick and people can see right through the bull.

Samuel Gonzalez

Samuel Gonzalez is the editor-in-chief of The Last Tradition, a blog he started in April 2009. Samuel is one of the top Latino bloggers in the country and his blog has been linked by Gateway Pundit, Right Wing News, Instapundit, Legal Insurrection, American Thinker and other top conservative blogs. He's a strong Reagan conservative, a Rush Limbaugh disciple, an unconventional Evangelical who not only takes on Liberal orthodoxy, but also challenges other so-called soft conservatives afraid to buck political correctness.

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