Hillary’s ‘Historic’ Act Summed Up Perfectly [Meme]

Hillary’s ‘Historic’ Act Summed Up Perfectly [Meme]

Sure, Hillary, your presumptive nomination is historic – but not for any of the reasons she mentioned.

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Via Greg Campbell:

Hillary Clinton should be in jail. While Americans wait for justice, the FBI continues to drag-out the investigation into her treasonous activities and Americans are losing faith that she will ever see the inside of a courtroom. Still, the FBI recently gave Americans yet another reason to be hopeful: they announced that they intend to interview the corrupt politician for their investigations into her criminal actions.


From Young Conservatives:

Last week it was reported the FBI was ‘likely’ going to interview Hillary Clinton regarding her email fiasco, and yet she still has people supporting her.


Well, now they’ve confirmed it.

She will be interviewed.

So they interview her.


Don’t forget who still runs the free world.

As long as Barack Obama is in office, Hillary Clinton will never be charged with anything. Sad, but true. He wants her to win in November.

If grandma shoplifts a new pantsuit from Ann Taylor I have a feeling she wouldn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he’s not under FBI investigation.

Hillary should not be above the law. However, sadly, she likely will be. The former Secretary of State and Democrat Party elite will almost-certainly enjoy presidential protection from the most corrupt president in American history.

President Obama has already demonstrated that he is willing to abuse the office of the presidency to help his friends. He shielded disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder from prosecution for his role in Fast and Furious by cloaking him in executive privilege and any betting man would wager that if it should come to it, Obama will do it again for Hillary.


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