How Liberals Should Think About Minimum Wage EXPLAINED [Meme]

How Liberals Should Think About Minimum Wage EXPLAINED [Meme]

If liberals used just a bit of common sense, they might be able to have a better grasp on their lives. What a bunch of jokers.

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Via Frank Lea:

People said it would happen. People said that if the minimum wage continues to creep too high, that prices will go up and the customer ultimately pays. It happened in D.C. where a bike shop owner was forced to raise prices to cover the surcharge of the new minimum wage.

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From AEI:

A bike shop which owns stores in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia has a revealing message on a promotional flyer forwarded to AEI scholar Mark Perry. It shows a real impact of minimum wage on local businesses and consumers.

The promotion from Revolution Cycles reads, “Pricing at our Georgetown store will reflect a surcharge to meet the minimum wage requirement.”

The minimum wage at Revolution Cycles, in Georgetown, went up to $10.50. Now I don’t see this as a bad thing because people fixing bicycles and making them safe for us to ride have an actual skill and provide a service. But no one working in fast food, standing at a register while playing on their cell phone, should ever earn $10.50. The person in fast food doesn’t do anything that requires skill. In fact, they don’t even have to know how to read because the menu and register has pictures on it.

Give people fixing my bike $10.50 an hour? Sure. I appreciate their service.

Give people messing up my order 80% of the time for unhealthy food that makes me fat? No thanks.

I appreciate the Georgetown Revolution Cycles for being honest with their customers. That goes a long way and I believe the customers, while upset at first, will still shop there. They know it’s the government that did this, not the store owner.

Let’s not hold this against the store.

But I’m all for not riding my bike to McDonald’s where they can’t even count to ten nuggets. I want their minimum wage to STAY at the bottom.


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