OOPS! Somali Pirates ATTACK Wrong Ship and REGRET IT! [VIDEO]

OOPS! Somali Pirates ATTACK Wrong Ship and REGRET IT! [VIDEO]

Piracy has flourished in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf of Aden, where Somali pirates have frequently attacked merchant ships. These sailors see their ships hijacked and they’re often held for ransom. But what happens when pirates attack the wrong ship?

The international community has responded fiercely to the Somali piracy threat, but merchant ships have still wisely chosen to employ private security. The freighter ship “MV Avocet,” operated by New York-based Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc., employed the Trident Group to fight off any potential pirates and clearly, it was needed.

Trident Group President Thomas Rothrauff said that the vessel had been attacked by pirates several times over the course of three days and security was forced to engage the pirates in a fierce gunfight. The footage was leaked in April of 2012, with the incident itself taking place in December of 2011.

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In the video, a skiff can be seen approaching the vessel. The guards first fire warning shots, which do nothing to dispel the pirates. So the guards open fire, with dozens of rounds raining down onto the pirates. They soon crash into the freighter, but it isn’t over: a second boat shows up. The guards then turn to open fire on the new boat, which is where the footage cuts off.

Rothrauff explained that this was a life-and-death situation for his security guards. Fire from the pirates’ AK-47s narrowly missed the guards, but that didn’t prevent the footage from igniting controversy. Trident now only permits the team leader to fire warning shots.

Still, it seems clear that if more vessels employed security guards like these, pirates would be less likely to attack so many ships. Pirates are not going to stop attacking just because we really, really hope they will. They will only respond to one thing and that’s strength… no matter how sad it makes liberals.

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